God is real and He speaks today

Can you hear him?
God speaks today and He wants to have a two way conversation with you!  Open yourself up to experience a new depth in your relationship with God.
Dare 2 Hear trains individuals around the world to hear, see, and respond to God’s voice.

What is Dare 2 Hear Training?

In today’s world, it is vitally important that we know how to discern the voice of God, so we can see, hear, and obey the things He is asking us to do. No matter what gift you have, or what part of the “body” you are, you need to know how to hear from God.

The ability to hear God is all about having a relationship with God. In real relationship there is two way conversation that occurs. If we don’t have a way to communicate, it hinders our relationship. Hearing from God is also about relationship with others. God wants to speak to us, so that we can encourage others in their relationship with Him as well.

1 Corinthians 14 tells us that we are to eagerly desire ALL the spiritual gifts especially the gift of prophecy (the ability to hear from God) because prophecy encourages, comforts, and strengthens the body of Christ.





The D2H Training is for individuals who desire to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord. This training will give the student participants a clear understanding of the ways God speaks. The entire program is designed to activate each person in recognizing the voice of the God in their lives. First so they can hear, see and obey God’s will for themselves. Secondly, so they can encourage, comfort, and strengthen others.

Individual Training

There are 3 membership levels for the individual training: Basic, Plus, and All Access.

Each level will gain access to a private Facebook group. It is our hope that you find a community of likeminded individuals who will encourage one another as well as be a place to ask questions regarding the training, and share testimonies of what God is doing as you step out to encourage others.

The individual basic training is a 19-unit training program plus bonus material that offers video teaching, chapter material, activations, and unit homework. All material is designed to equip and activate those who participate.

Church/Group Training

The church/small group training includes all 19 units with the teaching broken into an 8 week, 2 hour class format to make it easier to complete with a group of people. Included with this program level, are the full 8 weeks of videos teaching, video explanation of all activations, and homework. You also will receive the teacher’s lessons plans, written explanations for the activations for groups of people, weekly homework, and a discount coupon code for ordering hard copies of Releasing God’s Heart through Hearing His Voice by Debbie Kitterman.
All of the training is online, contained in the D2H Training member only site. The D2H Training will give you all the tools you need to activate your ability to hear from God and begin to release His heart to encourage others. Dare 2 Hear training also includes interactive components like a private Facebook Group and Live Q&A sessions, where Debbie answers questions and encourages you to take your relationship with God to a whole new level. Your registration includes a lifetime membership. You can retake the Dare 2 Hear online course for free, for as long as it exists, and you have access to all future improvements.

Enrollment for D2H Training OPEN.

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Choose The Package That's Right For You

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Basic - $97


Conference Pricing: $77

D2H Training Level 1
  • 8 modules
  • 19 chapters
  • Instructional Videos
  • Activation Exercises
  • Homework Assignment
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • $5 off coupon for Hard Copy of Releasing God's Heart through Hearing His Voice

Plus - $147



D2H Training Level 1
D2H Training Level 2
  • 2 modules
  • 6 lessons
  • Instructional Videos
  • Activation Exercises
  • Homework Assignment
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • $5 off coupon for Hard Copy of Releasing God's Heart through Hearing His Voice



All Access - $197



D2H Training Level 1
D2H Training Level 2
Bonus Content
  • Dream Workshops
  • Bible Journaling (Coming soon)
  • Symbolism Reference Guide Book
  • Further Added Teaching
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • $5 off coupon for Hard Copy of Releasing Gods Heart through Hearing His Voice

Basic - $297



  • 8 modules
    • All Part 1 Group Training (Different teaching from individual)
    • All Part 2 1 Group Training
    • Dream Workshop Training
  • Instructional Videos
  • Teacher's Lesson Plan
  • Activation Exercise
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Bonus Content
  • Free E-Pub File of Milk, Eggs, Prophecy
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Private live Q & A sessions
  • Access to private Facebook small group/church leaders only
  • 2 hours one on one access to Debbie
  • Personal Q & A session with Debbie pertaining to dream workshop
  • $5 off coupon for Hard Copy of Releasing God's Heart through Hearing His Voice

All Access



*(email if interested ein this package)

Includes Basic Group access plus
  • Becoming Kingdom Kids Manual
  • Kingdom Kids Teacher Lesson Plans
  • Kingdom Kids Video Teaching
  • Kingdom Activation and Homework
  • Kingdom Kids Workbook Pages

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Debbie has a big heart for the church. Her speaking style and personality bring people together. We had the opportunity to hear her preach at our church and everybody loved her. She is funny, sweet, wise, knows God’s word and it is clear that she can hear God’s voice. She taught the Dare 2 Hear curriculum for our adults twice. It was biblically balanced, accessible, and easy to implement.

She also taught the Dare2Hear curriculum to our kids and it was fantastic. It made a huge difference in our kids. It laid the foundation for them to understand more about the Holy Spirit and how to hear Him speak to them and lead them. The illustrations and activities she had for the kids helped them stay focused while having fun.

Thanks to this foundation, there has been a huge growth in their desire to worship God and learn more about Him. They are also now ready to reach out, bring friends to church, and be leaders.

Pastor Billy Sarno

New Life Church, University Place, WA

Growing up a preacher’s kid I thought I knew what “hearing from God” was all about. Little did I know that I really knew very little! After taking the Dare 2 Hear class I see that I had a very narrow and fuzzy picture of what God can and will do to speak to us. Now I feel as though my vision has been made clear and broad and I can see how God will speak to me in my everyday surroundings, as well as my time in His Word. But the blessing has not just been for me… My children (ages 6 & 10) amaze me every day with the way they will stop and pray to find something they are missing or to encourage a friend. And my husband, a man that struggles with “letting go and letting God” has been blessing missionaries in Africa because he was listening to God and knew how to hear His voice! See, to me… that is what Hearing from God is all about, using the ability to hear from Him, to build up, bless and encourage others! Share His love in a way I didn’t even know was possible. Thank you Dare 2 Hear for helping me open my eyes and SEE HIM!

Tiffany Gilbough


Dare 2 Hear Ministry has provided a great resource and opportunity to clarify and strengthen our ability to focus and hear God. I was surprised and delighted in the creative, fun and definitely out of the comfort zone exercises we practiced in class. I heard the Lord in ways that I had not even considered before. God is present, you will hear, your faith will be increased and your prayer life strengthened because you want to hear more! Dare!

Valerie Stephens

Children's Ministry Pastor, Northwest Church, Federal Way, WA

For me, this curriculum put the ‘natural’ back in the word ‘supernatural,’ with practical ways to work out my faith and walk it out.  Her down-to- earth writing style put me at ease when it comes to the realm of the Spirit—angels, prophecies, dreams, and miracles, as well as my identity and relationship with God, hearing from Him, and walking in obedience to that.  This has definitely helped me to move beyond a basic understanding and operation in my relationship with God.”

Becky Page


As someone who knows how to live from heaven to earth, Debbie Kitterman has a beautiful teaching gift and brilliant prophetic calling that makes her uniquely qualified to equip believers.  Debbie’s course material, Releasing God’s Heart through Hearing His Voice, holds increasing value for every believer’s journey to discover precisely what the Lord is revealing.

The amazing ripple effect of Debbie’s Dare 2 Hear teaching series will be seen in eternity!”

Katherine Cavenee


I registered and participated in both Debbie’s classes (Dare 2 Hear 1 and 2) and it totally blessed me to learn that I could be a mouthpiece for the Lord! Being able to “hear” God clearly allowed me to be more courageous to witness about the Gospel; reach out to others with an encouraging word from the Lord and grow and go deeper in my relationship with the Holy Spirit! I highly recommend these classes.

Debbie is an effective, fun teacher with SUCH a HUGE heart for God!

Laura Viveiros


I’m sure there isn’t a person alive who wouldn’t give anything to know they could personally hear from God!  Debbie Kitterman’s Dare 2 Hear class opened up to me a most wonderful adventure.  I discovered that I was created to have an ongoing, two-way dialogue with my Heavenly Father.  The Releasing God’s Heart through Hearing His Voice workbook walked me through this “hearing God” process in such a clear, concise, and very exciting way. I wouldn’t have missed this experience for anything. Thank you, Dare 2 Hear, for putting a whole new spin on my life and on my walk with God.

Connie Lund


The Dare 2 Hear curriculum provides a clear, solid biblical foundation for anyone wanting to learn how to hear the voice of God. The Dare 2 Hear classes are invaluable, providing a non-threatening environment to practically progress in the prophetic. Debbie has a gift that builds confidence and certainty of the Holy Spirit’s desire to speak in and through everyone. I’ve learned that God is more eager and light-hearted concerning ministry than I had previously realized. He is playful, excited by courage and dying to confirm that we hear Him more clearly than we are willing to believe.”

Darla Halverson


Richard says: Dare 2 Hear is the first opportunity for many of the attendants to hear and demonstrate to themselves a transformational idea, that God is just as enthusiastic today in speaking personally to and through his children as He was in any Bible times. The potential impact of this ministry is to totally turn a believer's life from upside down to right side up.
Patricia says: We were made to hear God, we just forgot how. Debbie’s teaching brings us back to where we should be, and it makes a huge difference to our daily lives and the lives of those we come in contact with.

Richard and Patricia Avery


About Debbie

Debbie Kitterman, is an author, speaker, and the founder of Dare 2 Hear, a ministry training individuals in hearing the voice of God. She is also a licensed Foursquare pastor currently serving with her husband, Pastor John Kitterman, as Senior Pastors of Restoration Church in Lacey Washington. Debbie travels to churches internationally equipping the body of Christ.

Debbie is a breath of fresh air. She is a powerfully anointed woman of God, who ministers in the prophetic with a down-to- earth teaching style and a wonderful sense of humor. She has a true servant’s heart, and is called to teach a deeper understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ by working to train and equip others in how to hear the voice of God.

In her new book, Milk, Eggs, Prophecy, Debbie refuses to perpetuate the myths and mystery surrounding prophecy. She opens the “closed” doors of the prophetic and invites you to sit down and get comfortable. She reveals her life experiences both good and bad, and shares the truths the Lord has revealed to her through his Word.

God is speaking… Can you hear Him?

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